Channel Letters

Channel Letters

The Choice of Professionals

Using channel letters for your business signage is a great decision to go with when you have an established brand. They are bold, yet remain professional, and many national brands use them for their both exterior and interior uses.

A great benefit to using channel letters as storefront signage is the flexibility they provide when trying to keep up to sign codes for your given area. Certain places have requirements for the square footage of a sign. Because each channel letter is considered a separate sign, and the facade of the building becomes the background of the sign (thus not counting in the total square footage of allowable signage), your potential for more letters/ images is multiplied.

Our top quality Channel Letters are weather resistant, and usually have a life span of 10 years or more. Our channel letters feature LED lighting, so changing bulbs will be minimal along with your electricity bill!

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Channel Letters, Light Boxes, Pylon and Monument Signs are all key landmarks for your business. Placing a sign in a highly visible area can send your message to more people than any other advertising medium for a fraction of the cost. DVC not only will create these for our clients but can help guide in the overall design as well as which solution best fits your needs.

Light Boxes and Pylon Signs are affordable illuminated signs that can be made self standing or be attached to a wall. They are great when you want to display graphics or more than just the name of a business. These are also used for tenant marquee signs for a plaza or business park. Be sure to check your lease specifications guidelines as many property management companies will require either a light box or channel letters. 

Monument Signs are the grand entryway signs to apartment complexes, office parks and more. With the custom faux finish we can make your sign look as old and natural or as cleanlined and contemporary as you would like. Monument signs can house several tenants in them or just one large sign that demands attention from the roadway. Sandblasted inserts for a monument sign are a great way to add details that will get you noticed more than the rest. The process for a monument sign is usually 4-6 weeks or more depending on your county and time of year.